Lianne Herbert
Lianne Herbert 


I currently have a memoir I wish to publish called ‘Ramblings’. It’s about my mental health in January/February 2018. I wrote a lot during that time and I want to share it with you as a Black Deaf woman.


You can see the article I wrote for gal-dem about my mental health in January/February 2018 here.


I love to use words to evoke conversations on topics that are often not discussed i.e mental health, racism and deafness.


Through my words I wish to educate people and make them challenge preconceived ideas that they may have. You can see samples of my work on The Limping Chicken website.


I have had two short plays performed in RADA Studios and the Park Theatre via Deafinitely Theatre in 2012 and 2013. I have since written a full length play to which I had a Research & Development project with Leeds Playhouse.


I have a poem published in Magma 69 The Deaf Issue. Poetry is another avenue I wish to explore.


I am also a member of Peepal Tree Press’s Inscribe group in Leeds. We have an anthology called 'Weighted Words' which you can buy here. I have several short poems in it ranging from deafness to racism and motherhood.

You can contact me to discuss how I can help you via my contact page or email

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