Lianne Herbert
Lianne Herbert 

The relationship that changed my life

I met ___ at a performing arts college in London that we attended on Sundays. He was a good looker and had long locks flowing from his head. I fancied him straight away and so did all the other girls in the college. We were all wondering who this person was. I knew I had to behave myself as I was in a long term relationship but I still wanted to at least be friends with him. I eventually became a part of his circle of friends and hung out with him outside of college. 

I invited ___ to a house party at Turnpike Lane as I wanted to celebrate seeing the New Year in. He seemed nervous when he came and consumed lots of alcohol. I too had lots to drink. The other people at the party thought us two suited and hinted at us being together. I was newly single having broken up with my boyfriend of five years a few months earlier. Midnight came and we all said, ‘Happy New Year!’ to one another. Soon afterwards I was dancing with ___ and the next thing I knew was that I was being dragged up the stairs and he was inside me before I realised it. 


I cried when I next attended college and had to be in the same room as him. I almost didn’t go in but a teacher saw me plus a mutual friend of ours. Laura hugged me and said I was stressed out with moving house which was partly true but she didn’t know what happened between me and ___. In the college I went with Laura not knowing she too was attending the same course. It felt weird being in the same room as ___ knowing that something awful had happened.




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